Cynthiara Alona finds love on a group tour to Paris!

Group tours by Indonesians to Europe have always been very popular, especially since all the travel arrangements and bureaucracy involved in getting a visa are handled for you.

Paris, London and Rome are popular destinations.

For Indonesians - and the women in particular - there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping for fancy stuff like designer item handbags, clothes and shoes etc.

But Cynthiara Alona had her mind clearly set on other things.


Being in Paris, this was the perfect opportunity for the star of the horror movie flick “Raped by Saitan” to look for romance.

Given her admirable bodily charms this did not prove to be too difficult and the luscious head turner soon got embroiled in a feisty affair with a lucky local named Ivan Gravilovic.

Remarkably, though, their relationship quickly blossomed and the couple now plans to get married on 7 July.

Holiday flings never work out?

Try telling Cynthiara Alona that!

Cynthiara Alona in  “Raped by Saitan”

From Raped by Saitan to a Holiday Affair, life is never boring for Cynthiara Alona