Robby Abbas wants Amel Alvi rehabilitated!

Notorious Indonesian pimp Robby Abbas wants his former call girl Amel Alvi to undergo rehabilitation. According to him, it’s not fair that he has to serve a one year four month prison sentence while Amel has not been punished.

"This is the weakness of our legal system - only punishing the pimp while the hooker gets off scot free. This is not right. We need a mental revolution,” said Robby’s lawyer.

To this end, Robby Abbas is apparently threatening to send a letter to the Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), asking for Amel to be sent to a rehabilitation center.

Quite why Ahok should care less what Robby Abbas has to say is not clear.

Especially since this is the most ludicrous idea since Icarus used wax to attach his feathered wings to his arms.

After all, nothing good could possibly come from placing such a heavenly creature as Amel Alvi in rehab.

She should be free to spread her wings as she pleases!