Ayu Gani – the ugly duckling comes good

The Ugly Duckling is a much-loved fairly tale by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.

The story tells of a hapless chick (not that type!) born in a barnyard, and who has to endure abuse from others around him until, some time later, he matures into a beautiful swan.

This is a story which the winner of Asia's Next Top Model season three, Ayu Gani (@ganegani), can relate to.

When she was sent to high school in Surakarta, Central Java, Gani can vividly remember the abuse that she received:

"I was a new girl from Jakarta. Some of my male seniors wanted to get to know me and it enraged the girls. They threw bottles and trash at me, calling me trash."

"I was ugly. I had dark skin and very skinny. I never put any makeup. So I didn't think they would be jealous," she said.

Bur it was not long before the lanky teenager was magically transformed, although not into a swan but a leggy and exotic creature who turns heads wherever she goes….

Ayu Gani