Deudeuh Alfisahrin: RIP

The beautiful die young.

Just like Deudeuh Alfisahrin, a 26-year old divorcee who was found dead in her boarding house on Saturday (11/4), in Tebet, South Jakarta, seemingly strangled with an electrical cable.

In the world of social media, Deudeuh was seemingly active – as many young people are – but her account on Twitter @tataa_chubby reveals a rather dark side to the sensual young lady’s lifestyle: she was a freelancer, or as they say in Indonesia cewek bisyar (a young woman who can be paid).

Deudeuh adroitly used her social account to lure in her customers, but tragedy ultimately befell the pale-skinned temptress, and her lifeless body was discovered by the owner of the boarding house after an unpleasant aroma was noticed nearby Deudeuh’s room.

Deudeuh’s body has already been taken to Cipto Mangunkusomo Hospital for an autopsy.

Although Deudeuh had many male visitors, it is hoped that the police can track her calleous murderer and bring him to justice.

It’s the least she deserves.

RIP Deudeuh.