Zaskia 'Gotik': Indonesia’s new dangdut queen?

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that Indonesian dangdut singer Inul Daratista was titillating the nation with her hip-gyrating dance called “the drill”. It certainly was a dance to behold, infuriating her conservative critics (especially clerics) but delighting her fans.

Now, however, Inul has gone and a new sensation has emerged to arguably take the title as the new queen of Indonesian dangdut.

Zaskia, whose original name was Surkianih, is also better known as Zaskia Shinta but is often referred to as Zaskia 'Gotik' after the name of her controversial dance (Gotik=Goyang itik which basically translates as “duck dance”.

In her private life, Zaskia has had her fair share of “up and downs” (no pun intended), but still remains single despite a torrid relationship with Vicky Prasetyo, a notorious womanizer.

Zaskia’s time in the limelight may not last long, however. Dangdut lovers are a fickle bunch as former stars like Inul would testify.

For now, though, Zaskia’s sensational charms continue to win over new fans:

Zaskia 'Gotik': Indonesia’s new dangdut queen?

And I’m sure you can see why!