Feriyani Lim and another political sex scandal!

OMG! Is that really Abraham Samad in bed?

Decide yourself. I’m not convinced though. The image is just too blurry to tell.

As for the young lady in the picture, her name is apparently Feriyani Lim, and she has reported the head of Indonesia’s anti-corruption body (KPK) to the police.

Why did she do this? Well apparently because she faces criminal charges herself for allegedly using falsified documents to get a passport in 2007 – and one of these documents happened to be a Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) in which Abraham Samad was allegedly named as head of the family.


And what’s even more bizarre is that several pictures of Feriyani Lim have surfaced showing her with the Indonesian pop diva Syahrini.

According to Syahrini’s manager Reindhy, Syahrini got to know Feriyani after buying clothes from Feriyani's boutique in the shopping district of Mangga Dua, North Jakarta.

But while Reindhy claims the relationship was purely as buyer and seller, other photos suggest otherwise.

In New York!!??

Quite what is going on here is anyone’s guess.

It’s difficult to tell fact from fiction.

And what will happen next?