Princessyahrini who is she?

The quintessential Indonesian diva, Syahrini (whose real first name is actually Rini) is totally in love with herself and even had the gall to give herself the absurd nickname" princessyahrini".

Occasionally she appears on Indonesian TV signing a romantic number but you are far more likely to come across her on social media – especially Twitter – where she posts pictures of her latest accomplishments such as buying yet another designer name handbag and pair of shoes.

Her ride, as you might imagine, is something gaudy and incredibly expensive – a Rp9 billion (around US$750,000!) yellow Lamborghini Gallardo.

Tremendous curves and a great ride – It’s the Lamborghini I’m talking about stupid!

Ex-boyfriends are numerous and include male singer Anang Hermansyah, with whom she released the aptly entitled hit single "Cinta Terakhir" (the Last Love).

There are at least two good reasons why Syahrini is very popular in Indonesia

But even divas get it wrong sometimes!