Hantu Budeg film review

As corny as a pack of Tortilla chips, Hantu Budeg is yet another addition to Indonesia’s growing library of silly horror films.

Hantu Budeg film

In this particular case, the film’s plot – if you can call it that – revolves about a young girl named Ayu, who is left heartbroken by her husband after he dumps her for another woman staying in the nearby Cempaka Hotel.

Ayu’s response to her unfortunate predicament is, however, a tad excessive: she kills herself with the help of her grandfather (don’t ask why).

Subsequently she becomes a ghost – and a particularly vindictive one at that – as she goes on a brutal killing spree at the hotel.

And noone is spared her wrath.

Not even the inimitable Tyas Mirasih!

Tyas Mirasih

Hantu Budeg stars (sic) Tyas Mirasih, Keith Foo, Amel Alvie, Awang Sogi, Febriyanie, Zidni Adam, and Anie Klaus.