Mr Bean Kesurupan Depe Movie Review

Just when you thought Indonesian cinema couldn’t plummet new depths...It has!

This time the screen shenanigans are brought to us in a locally-made comedy-horror flick which features the buxom talents of Dewi Perssik, a well seasoned dangdut singer turned ahem “actress”, and England’s Mr Bean.

Mr Bean Kesurupan Depe Movie Review

Only it’s not really Mr Bean. But it is! Well sort of…

Cos what these filmmaking masters of deception have done is to make a film featuring someone who calls himself Mr Bean, but is, in fact, someone other than Rowan Atkinson!

Well how very clever!

The Facebook page of the real Mr Bean has even issued a stark warning to anyone thinking of going to see the film:

"We have just heard that there is a new film out in Indonesia with 'Mr Bean' in the title.

"Please be aware that it has nothing to do with with your beloved Mr Bean or Mr Rowan Atkinson so please avoid being disappointed."

But such misrepresentation is par for the course in Indonesia, where counterfeit goods are widely on sale, and I doubt whether many in the cinema will feel too aggrieved…

Mr Bean Kesurupan Depe

Mr Bean may be fake but Depe has guaranteed hers are not! Hahaha!