Zahra Jasmine: a sweet morsel

He rolls it under his tongue as a sweet morsel.
~Matthew Henry

Zahra Jasmine may have a sweet name.

But don’t be fooled.

Because she also has a WILD side to her as well!

1) She’s not afraid to strip off. “I love to see my face and body in a photo. Many people say my photos are sexy. Well, yes, I like to show my sensual side. I want people (guys presumably: ed) to appreciate my work as art and not with naughty thoughts or with lust (well that might not always be the case!: ed). My work is art.”

2) She likes sex. “yes, sex is nice, but for me it’s sacred. That means it must be based on love, undertaken on the basis of mutual love. In this way, sex is beautiful and enjoyable and also comforting. Not like torture (she obviously doesn’t like S&M! Hahaha!: ed).

3) And she likes guys. “A guy brings color into a woman’s life. He makes her complete. He can be made to feel sad, happy, jealous or angry. In short, a guy makes a woman understand the meaning of love…”

Zahra Jasmine has a really sexy bod and weighs only 50kg (what, only 50kg?!!!!  OMG!!!– ed).

Zahra Jasmine

She has done quite a lot of magazine photo shoots (Popular, Formen etc), but has only appeared in one film so far (Pulau Hantu 3).

So let’s hope she goes far. Because sweetness always tastes good! Hahaha!