Sanubari Jakarta feat. Lola Amaria

Bored of the skin flicks, the gore fests and the comedy capers?

If so, then maybe this new Indonesian film is for you.

Sanubari Jakarta - an artschool movie that is sure to prove controversial .

So what’s it about?

Well, here are some famous international movies in the same genre:

~High Art
~The Kids Are All Right
~Better than Chocolate
~Kissing Jessica Stein

Yep, I’m sure you must have got it after the last one – this is a lesbian film – albeit an art school one, naturally – which is supported not only by the Kresna Duta Foundation and the Ardhanary Institute but also by the prestigious Ford Foundation!

By focusing on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in Indonesia, this film is a heartfelt plea for tolerance and respect in an increasingly dogmatic society.

After all, minorities are human too – whatever the radicals might say - and because of that they deserve to have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

So all kudos to the film’s producer, the sensationally curvatous Lola Amaria.

But whether she is able to open minds with this film remains to be seen.

But I tell you what – she’s already opened my eyes! Hahaha!

Sanubari Jakarta stars (sic): Tika Pramesti, Dinda Kanyadewi, Lola Amaria, Alfrits John Robert, Aline Jusrina, Adriyanto Dewo, Billy Christian, Kirana Larasati, Fira Sofiana and Sim F.