Neng Wulan and what women wear

I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex.
~Oscar Wilde

As expected I suppose, the dark forces of conservatism are warning against the impending visit of US superstar Lady Gaga to these hallowed shores:

"I call on Lady Gaga to respect Indonesia’s cultural and traditional values. Most people here cannot tolerate her revealing outfits and sexy performances. Please do not destroy our nation's morality and ruin our dignity.”

Hmm. I wonder what he means by that? And how has the country’s dignity not already been ruined by the raucous exhibitionism of Indonesia’s home grown starlets like Mela Barbie, who titillate the masses at gaudy dangdut concerts?

So why pick on a foreigner?

This assault on Lady Gaga comes shortly after a much ridiculed proposal by an Indonesian minister to ban miniskirts - citing them as “pornographic”.

This raises questions, of course, as to what yardstick these people are using to measure pornography:

"Well, we still haven't established the criteria, but we know pornography when see it," said the minister. "There should be general criteria, for example skirts worn by women must flow past the knees."

Well I don’t think he can see any further than his nose.

Which is probably a good thing too.

Neng Wulan has set the Indonesian modeling world ablaze with her devastating lingerie photoshoot.