Rumah Bekas Kuburan feat. Julia Perez

American men, as a group, seem to be interested in only two things, money and breasts. It seems a very narrow outlook.
~Hedy Lamarr

Julia Perez’s boobs are expanding. And fast. That much is clear from her latest movie, a bizarre horror-cum-skin flick called Rumah Bekas Kuburan or, in English, the House on the Former Graveyard.

In the movie, Julia plays the role of Karina, a woman of very loose moral values who is caught by Larasati (Fifie Buntaran) having an affair with her husband (Danu). During this moment of horn dog madness, Larasati is accidentally killed and whilst that doesn’t seem to raise the interest of the cops it does create a few problems for JuPe down the line.

From here on in, the inimitable Julia Perez really starts to rank up the heat meter, and in one particular scene - which may or may not be a first in Indonesian Cinematography history – she renews her acquaintance with the formerly dead Larasati in a very steamy “threesome” bedroom romp. Lovely!

Chuck in a reincarnation ritual – with the bikini-clad Julia Perez immersing herself in a jasmine-filled swimming pool – and you have all the ingredients to keep the average male cinemagoer in this country clinging tightly to their beloved box of Kleenex.


Starring (sic): Julia Perez, Fifie Buntaran, Toddyzilla, Adi Wahyu, Diah Cempaka, Martina Putri