Pinkan Mambo’s Youtube ditty and other foibles

Pinkan Mambo. Just what sort of a name is that? It makes her sound like an effeminate and camp version of a noble Zimbabwean king!


But Pinkan’s tastes have never been mainstream and who could ever forget her wonderfully entitled pop ditty Cintaku Di Mutilasi (My Love is Mutilated).

Or her appearance in Selimut Berdarah (Blooded Sheets), an Indonesian horror movie in the “Slasher” vein and not, as you might have first imagined, a film about losing your cherry on wedding night!

And there’s even her love of belly dancing.

The latest news, though, is that Pinkan has become the target of Febrianto Wijaya, an Indonesian football player for the Medan Chiefs.

Well that should be quite a match. Because I’ve heard he’s quite a good player! Hahaha!