Xia Aimei movie review

Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtue.

Who needs heroes when you have hypocrites? 2012 is barely a week old and I already have that gut feeling that we are in for yet another year of unrelenting media madness with the shameless shenanigans of Indonesia’s celebrity brigade served up on a hot plate for a ravenous and insatiable audience to devour.

Just take a look at the film poster for the upcoming movie, Xia Ai…

… and decide what might motive someone to watch the film:

a) to gain a better understanding of the problems faced by “imported” Chinese girls who work – sometimes against their will – in Jakarta’s booming entertainment business (spas, nightclubs and other places of disrepute).
b) well, you know the other reason, right?

This ruse of drawing attention to a particular issue – ostensibly to take the moral high ground but in reality to titillate a thrill-seeking audience – is one of the oldest in the book, of course, and is best exemplified by the Peterporn saga in which the media did its very best to bring hard core pawnography to every corner of this vast archipelago.

To top it off, Xia Aimei also features a “guest appearance” by Noorman Camaru, the much ridiculed “singing policeman” (ex, actually), who shot to stardom (not literally!) after a YouTube video of him singing the Indian song "Chaiyya Chaiyya" went viral back in April 2011.

Given his previous profession, it would be unfair to expect much from the “crooning copper” and he hardly excels, putting in a performance which is about as memorable as his parents’ spelling is bad (Noorman?, I mean wtf).

Oh well.

2012? Bring it on baby!

Xia Aimei stars (sic): Franda, Samuel Rizal, Olga Lydia, Ferry Salim, Shareefa Danish, Jasmine Julia Machete and Norman Camaru