Indah Dewi Pertiwi Hipnotis

Last night was mental, totally mental.

I was at this hypnotist’s show and the guy asked 7 women to come on the stage with him.

So they were all up there when the hypnotist accidentally drops the mic on his foot and cries out " Fcuk Me!!!"

What happened next will live with me forever!!

Indah Dewi Pertiwi is, of course, a lot more careful when it comes to hypnotizing people.

Indah Dewi Pertiwi hot picture Hipnotis

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes…

Could Indah Dewi Pertiwi put you under the spell?

Well, watch the video to find out!

Emma Kurnia

Like the first rays of sunshine that herald the dawn of a new day, Emma Kurnia has broken onto the Indonesian modeling scene in spectacular fashion after publishing a devastating portfolio of shots on her facebook page.

The glamour photos, which are varied in style and have been shot at a number of different locations, showcase the immense talents of this incredible young lady, who, as many have already predicted, is now taking the first tentative steps toward greatness.

Emma KurniaIf you can’t find a park bench anywhere will do

Emma KurniaNo wonder the dog has a smile on his face

Emma KurniaEmma has already reached the rank of sergeant despite cutbacks in the budget for military uniforms

Emma KurniaWe don’t care how this leopard got its spots

Emma KurniaOn all fours and ready to pounce: Emma is no pussy cat

Emma KurniaStreetwalking

Jennifer Kurniawan: WAG Indonesia Numero Uno

WAGs is an English acronym used to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile football players.

The term came into common usage during England’s farcical set-up in the 2006 FIFA World Cup when the inability of the England players to focus on the tournament was blamed on the outrageous exploits of the WAGS who went around in “barely there” clothing and who generally just made a terrible nuisance of themselves.

High profile WAGS of that year included Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as the "Queen of the Wags" or “the Original Wag"; Cheryl Cole, an ultra sexy pop singer; the rather more stolid Coleen Rooney, aka "the Chavette"; the ultra hot Abbey Clancy, who probably made England’s beanpole striker Peter Crouch think he was the luckiest man alive; and the then fiancĂ©e of Frank Lampard, former Spanish waitress Elen Rives, who surely gave fortuitous Frank “Grade A” service in every respect.

Here in Indonesia, the WAGs phenomenon is still at an early stage as footballers’ salaries have only recently started to take off and are still far behind the astronomical pay packets that the top footballers in Europe can expect to receive.

By far the most famous WAG is Indonesia is Jennifer Kurniawan, a smoking hot model of mixed Asian and European heritage, who is the “off the pitch” distraction for Irfan Bachdim, a recently naturalized Indonesian who has attracted a legion of gawking female fans won over by his youthful good looks.

Anyway, I don't have any pics of Irfan. But here's Jennifer :)

 Jennifer Kurniawan sexy pictureIrfan Bachdim has scored a winner

 Jennifer Kurniawan sexy pictureOff the field distractions for Irfan Bachdim

 Jennifer Kurniawan sexy pictureA lot better than the graffiti outside Stamford Bridge

Sasha Grey in Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul

Indonesia’s infatuation with sultry pawn stars goes on!

Next up? The simply delectable Sasha Grey!

Yep. I’ll repeat that. Sasha Grey!

 Sasha Grey picture

Make no mistake about it, this girl is sheer class: a multifaceted all round performer who’ll have the country’s pawn star aficionados trembling so much in their parliamentary seats that they will barely be able to hold their video-filled IPADs with two hands - let alone one.

Her A/V career began soon after her 18th birthday, and she quickly built up a loyal and fanatical fanbase. Between 2007 and 2010 she won several AVN Awards including one for her riveting performance in the now classic production “Throat: A Cautionary Tale”.

But there’s more to this girl than just the visceral, and her truly impressive reportraire of talents includes mainstream acting, modeling, DJing, and, to cap it all, singing.

In Indonesia her debut film is Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul. This has been translated, rather clumsily in my opinion, into “Shrouded Corpse Bathing While Hip-Shaking” – the most preposterous film title you are ever likely to come across.

 Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul
Even so, I’m looking forward to it. And I’m sure Arifinto is too.

 Sasha Grey sexy picture
Sasha Grey will raise more than a few concerns when her new film, Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul, is released in Indonesia on April 28.

Paralyzed: The New Agnes Monica Video!!!

Agnes Monica may be the good girl next door – as opposed to the FMH girl next door – but she remains remarkably popular as Indonesia’s unofficial “Princess of Pop”.

Her latest video is called “Paralyzed” – and it features the diminutive pop star cavorting around the set as if she weighed next to nothing – which is probably not that far from the truth.

A pre-release picture of the making of the Paralyzed video shows Agnes wearing a body hugging white T shirt, with bright red nails and a huge tattoo on her left arm.

Paralyzed: The New Agnes Monica Video!!!
Agnes Monica: the good girl next door shows off her huge tattoo

Sheila Marcia: naughty or nice?

Ex-convict Sheila Marcia did her time at the infamous Pondok Bambu penitentiary in East Jakarta - even giving birth there - and now seems ready to put her wanton and druggy ways behind her by focusing on the needs of her young child.

Good for her I say.

But while life may be a tad boring from hereon in, at least she’ll have the memories…

 Sheila Marcia nakal pictureSome sort of strange new dance perhaps?

 Sheila Marcia nakal picture Sheila enjoys a threesome gathering of friends

Deriell Jacquelnie: never out of the picture

Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.
>William Blake

Deriell Jacqueline came to attention as the stunning eye candy in the Indonesian horror flick Tiren, a film so bad that one film critic, said, in all seriousness, that the only part of the film worth watching is when one of the characters “starts having an affair with a corpse”.

Necrophilia? Nice I don’t think.

 Deriell Jacqueline in Tiren
“What did I do to deserve this?” contemplates the sultry looking Deriell Jacqueline. You as the person watching this insufferable movie are probably thinking the same thing.

But away from the gore and bore of the Indonesian horror movie film set, Deriell Jacqueline has excelled under the bright photo studio spotlights as one of Indonesia’s most promising models.

A role which she has played to utter perfection.

 Deriell Jacqueline sexy picture

 Deriell Jacqueline sexy picture

13 Ways to Call Satan (feat. Debby Ayu)

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”> Oscar Wilde

The Devil was once God’s favorite angel but for some reason or another there was a falling out and he was ejected from Heaven. Spurned and dejected, the Devil was not happy. And as his emotional wounds festered, his anger grew and grew.

There was only one thing for it: Revenge! This two-horned pariah from hell was gonna get payback!

By going after the creation of his former Master.


Indonesians have a deep and endearing fascination with the otherworldly and the Devil is one of those characters who they love to hate. Bit like Martin Sheen really.

But whatever. He’s good film material. The Devil that is. And Martin Sheen.

Anyway, onto the film:

13 Ways to Call Satan (feat. Debby Ayu)

It’s a nice sunny day and the kids are in the bookshop where Fredi chances upon a religious-looking sort of book that piques his curiosity.

But rather than simply paying for the book, the kids decide to nick it. A bad move, unfortunately. Not because they get busted by store detectives – but because the book is cursed and they now have to summon the Devil in 13 different ways to get the damn curse lifted.

The Devil is, of course, fond of sexy and beautiful women and, as chance would have it, the film’s leading character is the devilishly seductive Debby Ayu.

Debby Ayu sexy picEnough to make anyone a heretic really.

Debby Ayu Sexy pic Could Debby Ayu make the devil out of you?

Starring (sic):
Debby Ayu
Five V
Ki Kusumo
Him Damsyik (what sort of a name is that, Him?!!!)