Sola Aoi to “reveal all” in Suster Keramas 2

Don’t mess with a winning formula. That’s what they say. So little surprise that our good friends at Maxima Production House have once again looked beyond the shores of this Great Nation for internationally recognized talent - this time contracting the services of yet another seasoned performer on the Japanese hard core circuit – the simply lavacious Sola Aoi.

Sola Aoi sweet and sexy pictureSweet looks betray her wild side

This Sola Aoi certainly has an impressive track record from what I can make out, shooting her first skin flick back in 2002 - the now classic “Happy Go Lucky! - for the highly respected Alice Japan studio.

From then on she never really looked back – except perhaps on certain uncomfortable occasions! – and churned out an admirable body of work (sorry!), including such classics as “Erotick Lady's Indecent Language Play”, “Sora is Your Do Exactly As Told Toy”, “Brand New Nurse Sora as a Pakopako Nurse”, “Repeated Death Grand Orrgasm”, and a whole bunch of other titles which I can’t really repeat here.

And the film Maxima have chosen for Sora? Well, it’s the sequel to Suster Keramas “Hair-Washing Nurse” – a tedious production that was only slightly more interesting than watching rice grow thanks in large part to the curvatous delights of a very fit and extremely buxom Rin Sakuragi (another Japanese A/V star).

Fans of Japanese A/V stars won’t have to wait too long to see lovely Sola on the large screen – the film’s slated for a release on 21 April 2011.

Even so, you may want to think twice before seeing the film; an S&M session at home might prove to be a considerably less painful experience and one of Sola’s back catalogue DVDs a much more rewarding one!

Sola Aoi sexy picShhhh! Don’t tell Mr. Tifatul I’m here okay?

Malinda Dee siphons off Rp17 billion for “cosmetic surgery”!

Malinda Dee, a senior office worker at Citibank in Jakarta has been arrested by Indonesian police for siphoning off some Rp17 billion of customer funds!

And what did she use this huge sum for?

Well, there was the Hummer.

And a Mercedes.

And even a Ferrari (which the police are still looking for).

 Malinda Dee sexy pic
As well as a luxury apartment.

But a considerable amount of the money – judging by the picture below – went into her biggest investment of all:

Malinda Dee

Some very impressive cosmetic surgery!!!

Malinda Dee sexy pic
Wow! Just look at those...

... eye lashes!

*The top heavy Malinda has been in detention since Friday and is said to be cooperating with the authorities who are making extensive inquiries into exactly how she managed to embezzle the money.

Angel Locsin may shoot film in Indonesia!

Indonesia’s love affair with nubile foreign actresses goes on!

But this time the search takes us not to Japan – where Indonesian filmmakers have previously hired the talents of busty Japanese A/V stars like Miyabi and Sora Aoi – but the short distance across the seas to the laid back Philippines.

The object of desire is Angel Locsin, a divine creature of such heavenly beauty that even the most embittered religious nutcase should not oppose her visit here:

The report added that the movie will be shot entirely in Jakarta, and that her lines will require her to speak in English, Filipino, as well as Bahasa Jakarta. A dialogue coach is said to have been promised to guide the actress.

Angel has already read the gist of the story and has requested for a script, said the same report. Although it is yet to be announced if the actress has accepted the offer, Angel seems keen on doing the movie, which should begin shooting in July.

 Angel Locsin sexy pic FHMAnd you thought angels have big wings! They don't - they have long legs.

 Angel Locsin sexy pic FHM
Angel Locsin is unquestionably divine.

Selly Yustiawati, the sexy fraudster is arrested in Bali!

It’s taken some time (over a year), but the police have finally managed to track down Indonesia’s sexy version of American fraudster, Frank Abagnale Jr., the dude whose skullduggery was made famous in the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie Catch Me if You Can.

Selly Yustiawati sexy Selly Yustiawati sexy picture You know what they say: never trust a girl who shows a leg in public.

According to reports, the lovely yet dangerous trickster Selly Yustiawati was finally arrested in the tropical paradise island of Bali.

Selly was arrested at Hotel Amaris Kuta, Denpasar, Bali. When she was arrested she was with her lover, Bima, a student from a university in Yogyakarta.

Her victims are from across the country, although most are resident in Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung and Jogyakarta.

Make no mistake – this is a huge coup for the police. After all, the unscrupulous Selly had no qualms about tricking her prey out of millions of rupiah using her seductive charms to mask her dishonorable intent - always keeping on the move to avoid being caught.

But now that this dangerous woman is finally off the streets, we can all breath a huge sigh of relief.


But I don’t think this is the last we have seen of her. Cos a movie is sure to be on the cards!

Puteri Ari Sigit arrested on drugs charges

This is quite astonishing.

Putri Ari Sigit, great granddaughter of former president Soeharto, has been arrested along with five other suspects in a spectacular drugs bust at an unnamed hotel in South Jakarta, only identified as Hotel M on Friday 20 March 2011.

 Puteri Ari Sigit, Soeharto, narkoba
Adding to the flavor of the case, one of those arrested is said to be a policeman (or policewoman).

Most remarkable of all, though, is the astonishing size of the drugs haul - 500 ecstasy pills and a whopping 30 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine with a total street value of Rp14 billion!

But guess what?

Early signs are that the suspects are being treated as drug users rather than drug sellers.

Go figure!

The sexy secretary and Tia Agustin

A married man decides to work late so he can be with his sexy secretary. So he calls his wife to make up an excuse. “honey, I’ve got to work late.”

Tia Agustin

But he doesn’t work late, of course, and takes his secretary to a quiet little place where they have a great couple of hours.

But in the bathroom the married man notices in the mirror a huge love bite on his neck.

He panics, wondering what he is going to tell the wife.

Anyway, he goes home. And upon opening his front door, his dog came out to greet him. Aha, the man thinks, and he promptly falls down, pretending to fight off the affectionate animal.

Holding his neck with one hand, he cries, "Honey, look what this damn dog has done to my neck!"

"Hell, that's nothing" she answers, ripping open her blouse.

"Look what he did to my tits!"


And when Tia’s not in the office she looks good in denim shorts too:

sexy hot Tia Agustin pic

 sexy hot Tia Agustin pic

Dedemit Gunung Kidul movie

 Dedemit Gunung Kidul movie
Note: any similarity between the movie poster and the one for Hollywood’s Drive Angry (shot in 3D) is purely coincidental. Naturally.

Rodney (45) is a businessman with two very attractive daughters, Vicky (26) and Jane (25).

But his business affairs are in poor shape and he owes a lot of money to mafia kingpin Mark (35).

So what does he do?

Well, exactly what any other self disrespecting businessman would do: he agrees to Mark’s request for his older daughter’s hand in marriage!

But prior to marriage Mark and Vicky head off to Gunung Kidul, presumably for a dirty good time, but things don’t go as expected and Vicky is found dead – supposedly a victim of the “mountain’s spirit”.

Vicky’s younger sister Jane is understandably devastated, but this doesn’t last long and she quickly agrees to step into her sister’s shoes and marry Mark herself!

Wacko stuff I’m sure you’ll agree, and it gets even more preposterous when Mark declines to partake of the bodily charms of the lovely Jane on his wedding night!

All in all, a bizarre script with more holes in it than a fisherman’s net down at Pelabuhan Ratu.

And we’re supposed to be happy that Hollywood films will no longer be screened!


Starring (sic):

Uli Auliani
Tasa Rudman
Afdhal Yusman
Ammy Tawaqal