Poconggg Juga Pocong movie (feat. Saphira Indah)

OMG! Please save us! Yet another film about bloody pocongs!!!!

And there you have it - a creature walking around with what looks like an oversized dim sum on his shoulders!

But this is no ordinary pocong, you’ll understand, but a poconggg – a sort of pocong without the balls, unable or unwilling to scare humans and, worst of all, scared of other supernatural creatures like ghosts.

But luckily for poconggg, his path crosses that of Kunti (!!!), a sensual female vampire – or better known as kuntilanak – a type of creature which lures its human victims into its snare by moaning salaciously before murdering them without mercy.

So, will the poconggg get to have his way with the lovely Kunti? Or will she spurn his advances?

Well you’ll just have to watch the film to find out!

Saphira Indah is the lovely Kunti in this comedy cum horror flick.