Shah Raline in a love triangle?

Well, would you believe it?

More mayhem in Twitterland!

This time a rather nasty spat between lovebirds Edrian Aji Prihartanto (Anji) and Wina Natalia!

Through the social media tool Twitter, which has become very popular in Indonesia, Wina let loose in spectacular fashion, blaming Indonesian wunderbabe Raline Shah of getting a piece of her man! (albeit denying it later!)

But Wina didn’t stop there and, according to reports, she even accused Anji of doing the unthinkable - impregnating the gorgeous Raline!

Anji, for his part, was - like all bad men - unrepentant and brushed aside the accusations as if he had simply been accused of taking the last chocolate bar from the fridge.

Nonetheless, any transgressions on Anji’s part would be understandable. They really would…

Raline Shah has legs and she knows how to use them it seems.