Regent urges Jade and Nyomi Marcela to come home to Tegal!!!

OMG!! This is hilarious.

The Regent of Tegal, Ikmal Jaya, has invited two of the town’s most famous daughters to come back from America to their Central Java hometown, which is not known for much expect its simple eateries called warteg (Warung Tegal).

"Jade and Nyomi Marcela, please come home to Tegal. I'm waiting for you. I'll help you find a job here if you are willing to leave America," urged the regent.

But isn’t this just a little bit too late?

Because both Jade and Nyomi Marcela have been making AV films in the US for many years now - notching up well over 230 fiery encounters.

The sisters are particularly revered for their candid antics in such AV classics as Fresh Hot Bab*s # 17 and the eye-opening Di*ty Little S*x Br*ts # 04 in which the irrepressible Jade Marcela takes on David Hardman and Pat Myne at the same time!

And more to the point – what exactly does the Tegal Regent expect the Marcella sisters to do in a place like Tegal?

Work as waitresses in a warteg? Or perhaps make a film in one?

“Served up on a hot plate in Tegal # 3”.

Yeah that could well be worth watching ….


What would she do in Tegal?!!!