Arwah Kuntilanak Duyung Movie feat. Dewi Perssik

Linda and Ardo meet on a sandy Java beach.

But one thing leads to another and it’s not long before the two lovebirds are “wiling away the hours” in the little beachside shack that Ardo has banged together especially for their trysts.

Meanwhile, the local ojek rider, Sule, has been up to no good and does the unthinkable by chucking his wife’s bloody placenta into the Java Sea!!!

Horror of all horrors!!!

But this outrageous act of thoughtless vandalism does not go down too well with a local Indonesian mermaid who almost immediately bursts out of the sea in complete indignation.

From here on in it gets progressively worse - although it must be said that the multitalented Dewi Perssik plays the sea nymph role to utter perfection– almost as if the part had been specially written for her.

And you know what? Perhaps it had!

Dewi Perssik is hot property either in the water or on land!