Sophia Latjuba’s affair stuns Villareal

In a series of remarkably candid tweets over the social media service Twitter, a devastated Michael Villarreal has described how his beautiful Indonesian wife Sophia Latjuba has done the dirty on him and fallen in love with somebody else.

Michael doesn’t mention who the lucky man is, but speculation abounds that he lives in Indonesia since the lovely Sophia arrived in Indonesia a few weeks ago to start shooting a new film.

So their marriage looks set to end in the same way that it begun.

In some controversy.

All appeared well enough when the two lovebirds got engaged back in 2004, but the media soon got whiff of a juicy scandal that created a public uproar.

Michael was already married!

And his wife at the time (Louisa Ibbotson) was pregnant!

Eventually, though, Michael managed to get divorced and married Sophia just four days later on 30 April 2005 in Jakarta’s Anglican All Saints Church.

But like so many celebrity marriages, there was sadly not to be a happy ending. So they must both move on…

Sophia Latjuba has found a new love