Pocong Minta Kawin feat. Julia Perez

A pocong is an Indonesian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their suit. It looks like this:

Pocong, spotted in Kota, Jakarta

The pocong suit (kain kafan) is used by Muslims to cover the body of the dead person.

They cover the dead body with white fabric and tie the clothing over the head, under the feet, and on the neck.

According to the native beliefs, the soul of a dead person will stay on the earth for 40 days after the death.

If, however, the ties aren't released after 40 days, the body is said to jump out from the grave to warn people that the soul need the bonds to be released. Once this is done, the soul will leave the earth and never show up anymore.

But in Pocong Minta Kawin, a new film set to be released on 13 October 2011, we have an although different proposition.

Set in one of Jakarta’s “projects” (rusun), Ningsih (Chika Waode) is set to marry the man of her dreams even though the two of them have never actually met (they “found” each other through an introduction on Facebook).

But there is good reason for Ningsih’s apparent extreme shyness, however.
And that’s because she is as ugly as a hag.

But secrets like this are hard to keep and, luckily for Ningsih’s prospective husband at least, he learns he’s been tricked just in time to cancel the wedding.
This leaves poor old Ningsih devastated and she decides to jump to her death from her apartment.

Soon after, four young students move into Ningsih’s former apartment and it isn’t long before Ningsih - who has since been transformed into a pocong – starts to give them a hard time.

But like any good Indonesian horror film there is always room for a pretty girl.
In this particular film, Julia Perez.

A much better looker than any ugly pocong!

 Julia perez in Pocong Minta Kawin