Maeeva Amin in “Wild Women” movie

Without the seasons of the year it can be difficult to track the passage of time in Indonesia.

Unlike in temperate climes there are no falling leaves to let you know it’s autumn. And no flower blooms to mark spring.

Yes, we do have Ramadan. But it is not fixed and moves forward by 2 weeks every year.

But perhaps one season is always in vogue in Indonesia.

The silly season. The time after the fasting month – lasting for 50 weeks until the next Ramadan begins – when the most frivolous and incredulous of news stories compete for the attention of the masses.

And like the media world, the silly season also affects the movie business.

It’s like a game.

Now that’s a silly title for a movie. Trump that!

And so we have, just a month after Ramadan, Perempuan Perempuan Liar (Wild Women), a real hodgepodge of a movie which focuses not on the lives of some tribal women living it up in the Kalimantan jungle – as you might have first imagined – but rather on the affairs of Mey and Cindy, a couple of spoilt “conglomerate” kids who live to party, shop, and are crazy about money (naturally).

Like the best Indonesian films, “Wild Women” features “foreign talent”, although what we get here is not just some Japanese nymphomaniac, but instead a far more refined and exquisite creature - the lovely Maeeva Amin.

Maeeva, who hails from just across the Malay Straits, is a delightful blend of French and Malay stock, and got her breakthrough into Indonesia films after her not inconsiderable charms caught the eye of someone from Soraya Intercine Films whilst she was at a friend’s wedding in Jakarta.

But life hasn’t always been a bed of roses for Maeeva, and aged 15, as an anorexic weighing only 30kg, the doctors gave her only four months to live.

Yet after long sessions with her shrink, she managed to pull through and she slowly put on the pounds to flesh out her emaciated body.

The results speak for themselves, and if you look closely at the picture below you can see that this leggy wonder babe even managed to get a tattoo done:

Can you see her tattoo? And wow, isn’t her right knee bruised a bit? Looks like a carpet burn to me…

Perepuan Perempuan Liar stars (sic) Tora Sudiro, Dallas Pratama, Maeeva Amin, Rina Diana and Gary Iskak