Ayu Ting Ting: Alamat Palsu

Everyone has heard stories of realizing the “American dream” - making it big through hard work and achieving success, fame and wealth.

But things are no longer what they once were and America’s dominant position in the global economy is steadily declining as Asian countries - especially China, India and those in SE Asia – ascend with ambitious intent.

These are the shifting sands of economic progress; the only certainty being uncertainty itself.

For Ayu Ting Ting, she must still be pinching herself to see if it’s real. Or just a dream. An Indonesian Dream.

Hailing from the suburban wastelands of Depok, this teenage dangdut prodigy was only recently on the demeaning dangdut “sawer” circuit.

In these dangdut shows, members of the audience - usually men (and often lecherous men with frisky hands) - pay money to dance with the singer on stage.

And Ayu’s fee at that time? Only a very modest Rp250,000 per show.

But from out of nowhere she was given a song to sing, a very catchy song called Alamat Palsu (“Fake Address”).

It went viral, Ayu’s popularity soared, and she is now pulling in around Rp 30 million for performing six songs.

That’s what you call a dream.

The Indonesian Dream, baby!

New chick on the block: Ayu Ting Ting