Andhien Carmella wants it so bad

Since making her breakthrough into the Indonesian movie world with her debut performance in “Rumah Hantu Pondok Indah”, Andhien Carmella has found work hard to come by.

But while others might be deterred, not Andhien.

"There’s no way I'm gonna take this lying down", she cries!

Although funnily enough, that’s exactly what she plans to do to get her stalled movie career back on track.

“I feel unlucky as I’ve never done a bedroom scene. Up to now, I’ve never even had a kissing scene – even though I want it real bad. Hopefully, I will receive an offer soon,” the star of Rumah Hantu Pondok Indah lamented.
Source: Rakyat Merdeka

To familiarize herself with the subject material, Andhien has even admitted to watching some of the more “saucier” DVDs you can find up – or should that be “down”? - in Chinatown.

Yep, it’s an ambitious and daring undertaking alright.

With no guarantees that a full frontal strategy of this nature will work in a conventional (non-A/V) movie.

But who knows.

She just might be able to pull it off! Hahaha!!!