Avvy Olivia – Indonesia’s most beautiful polwan (police woman)?

It’s just another day in the office for Brigadir Avvy Olivia – Indonesia’s most famous traffic policewoman (polwan).

Avvy Olivia

But while many of her colleagues will be out on the mean streets of Jakarta booking recalcitrant motorists, lovely Avvy is more likely to be in the make-up room getting ready to do another televised traffic report for Metro TV, the country’s leading television station for news.

Dressed in a perfectly-fitting and well-pressed police uniform, Avvy gives her traffic report in the fluent and confident style of an experienced television presenter.

But arresting criminals and captivating the attention of a delirious television audience aren’t the only things she does well - Avvy is also a wife and proud mother.

And damn good with the handcuffs…