Mela Barbie Anjani: Indonesia’s YouTube sensation

Touted as the next dangdut diva, Mela Barbie Anjani (20) is creating a huge wave in hyperspace thanks to her outlandish stage performances that are so hot they make Dewi Persik look like a nun.

Her most popular video – which was uploaded three years ago – is called Dangdut Mencari Mangsa and has already racked up an astonishing 2,363,390 views on YouTube!

Lovely Mela became a sensation when she participated in an event to mark Loper's Day at Pantai Karnaval Ancol, Jakarta on 30 July, 2008.

The then vice-president Jusuf Kalla (JK) was in the audience and Mela Anjani was on her best behaviour.

But JK left the show early, and that gave Mela the green light to whip off her long black and white dress (much to the delight of her many vocal fans!) and leave her wearing just a pair of super tight hot pants and a sexy black blouse!

Mela Anjani also has 1532 friends on Facebook - but we expect that to increase in the months to come.

What a performer and what a prospect. Mela Anjani can only be destined for greatness!

Wiwid Gunawan in Mudik Lebaran

Wiwid Gunawan gives another quite simply scintillating performance in Mudik Lebaran, a Multivision Plus production scheduled for release on 8 September 2011.

In this movie, which bizarrely comes to the big screen a week or so after Lebaran, Wiwid plays the role of an unhappy village lass called Wulan who finds herself in a totally “unsatisfying” contractual marriage to an older guy living in the Big Durian.

But things soon change when Gunadi appears on the scene, and Wulan’s previously repressed femininity melts away as the young beauty engages in a host of flirtatious and sexy antics in a bid to get noticed.

That’s something the viewing public will certainly appreciate. Especially since the sin-free days of Ramadan are now but a passing and fading memory…

Contract marriage: who wouldn’t want to partake of the services of a very fit and charming Wiwid Gunawan?