A taste of Vindy Lee

What have Vindaloo and Vindy Lee got in common?
They are both damn hot and spicy! Hahaha!

But in many respects they are quite different.

Because whilst it’s damn hard to track down the famous Indian dish in Jakarta, the sexy celebrity chef can - in contrast - be easily found on Indonesian television, conjuring up some succulent dishes in the Trans TV show “Dapur Cantik” (Beautiful Kitchen).

Vindy Lee’s raw talent was originally spotted by a photographer at the Plaza Indonesia Mall in Jakarta after Vindy had returned from the States where she had worked in the f&b industry upon graduating from the University of Southern California.

Finger-licking good Vindy accepted the offer and created a great stir with her devastating photo shoot for the first issue of the Male Emporium Asia Magazine.

From here, she never looked back and went on to do some great stuff for a number of international magazines, including that old favorite of every lad everywhere, the inimitable FHM.

Vindy in her sensational FHM shoot

Comparisons are inevitably made with Indonesia’s other sexy chef, the foxy Farah Quinn, although Vindy confesses that she is as much home in the bedroom as she is in the kitchen.

Her favorite dishes?

Well, she is said to be a bit partial to carrot cake and banana fritters.

Breakfast in bed you might call it...

Out of the frying pan and into the water for our Vindy!!!

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