Vicky Shu puts a foot in it

Vicky Shu (24) has got both feet firmly on the ground and is taking great strides to repackage herself after coming close – but not close enough – to what would have been a sensational victory in the 2007 Miss Indonesia beauty pageant.

It may have taken four years, but she has finally managed to kick start her flagging fortunes by releasing her debut album “Drink Me”.

“Drink Me”. I’m sure there are many that want to do that, Vicky.

Her music is throwaway pop, as disposable as a Fiesta condom (but far less memorable), and as original as a blockbuster DVD sold in Kota.

The first song on the album, for example, is “Mari Bercinta 2” (“Let’s Make Love 2”), a reference to the song “Mari Bercinta” (“Let’s Make Love”) by Aura Kasih, a phenomenally curvaceous starlet who also hails from the Sumatran province of Lampung.

So they BOTH want to make love? And at the same time? But not to each other one would assume (although that’s an interesting thought ain’t it?!!)

Nope. Not a great start to Vicky Shu’s singing career.

But as the legendary British singer Yazz sang back in 1988 -

The only way is up!

Vicky Shu wants to make love. Any takers?