Pelet Kuntilanak (feat. Debby Ayu)

Black magic operates most effectively in preconscious, marginal areas. Casual curses are the most effective.”
>William S. Burroughs

So it’s finally out. Pelet Pelet Kuntilanak. The new Indonesian horror flick featuring the simply delectable Debby Ayu - a creature of such sublime charm that her onscreen antics are sure to make more than just your hairs stand on end!

 Pelet Kuntilanak

In the film Debby plays a young lass named Pamela who decides to resort to pelet, a type of Javanese black magic which is used to make a woman irresistible to men.

But to attain these powers of seduction, Debby must make a pact with Setan.

So she agrees, and gets to have her devilish way with the guys that she wants – mostly university students at her campus.

But like all good things in life there is a price to be paid.

Because not long after Debby has had her way with a guy, he dies a sadistic and gruesome death.

Oh well. Let’s just hope it was worth it!

 Pelet Kuntilanak (feat. Debby Ayu) Debby Ayu, a real charmer

Pelet Kuntilanak stars (sic): Debby Ayu, Cinta Dewi, Angie Yulia, Billy Davidson, Billy As, Yudha Putra