Dewi Persik becomes a born again virgin!!!!

Things really have taken a surreal and bizarre twist with Indonesian sex symbol Dewi Persik claiming she is now a born again virgin after undergoing the necessary surgical procedure in Egypt.

According to Dewi, the desire to become a born again virgin is related to her new film, Pacar Hantu Perawan, but more cynical observers will regard her claims to virginity as a mere publicity stunt, especially since she sought advice on the procedure from her American co-star in the film – the outrageously buxom Pawn Star Vicky Vette.

 Vicky Vette Vicky Vette, virgin not by a long shot!

But regardless of whether Depe really has become a born again virgin or not, someone should warn her that virginity is a lot like one of those gas filled balloons you see being sold on the streets of Jakarta.

One prick and its gone! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Pacar Hantu Perawan movie How many virgins can YOU count?