X-THE LAST MOMENT (feat. Cinta Dewi)

Dave, a well known party animal, is in his favorite bar where he spots this gorgeous looking woman he has never seen before. Being the outgoing type, he walks up to her and asks her his name.

"Carmen," she replies.

“That's a lovely name," says Dave. “Did your mother choose it?”

"No, I chose it myself," she answers.

"Oh, that's interesting,” says Dave. “But why Carmen?"

"Because I like cars, and I like MEN," she says looking directly into Dave’s eyes. "And what is your name?"

"Mr Snortscrew…”

But while drugs are no laughing matter (expect for those on nitrous oxide, perhaps!), they do provide the makers of the upcoming anti-drugs film “X-THE LAST MOMENT” with the perfect pretext to hone their focus on the remarkably-talented Cinta Dewi, who, as a hopeless junkie, tragically abandons herself to a tormented life of drugs and casual sex.

So enjoy the film. And stay away from drugs okay?!!!

Cinta Dewi picture hot sexyEasily addicted to Cinta Dewi’s charms

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