Cowok Bikin Pusing

A woman in Jakarta is cleaning her husband’s desk and in one of the drawers she finds 3 golf balls and a box with Rp5 million in it.

Curious, when her husband comes home later that evening, she asks him why he has hidden these things in the drawer of the desk.

After hesitating a short while, the husband then tells her that he is very sorry but each time he cheated on her over the last 10 years he put a golf ball in the drawer.

Although very upset at first, the wife comes to the realization that 3 times in 10 years actually ain’t too bad in a city with many temptations like Jakarta, and she cheers up a bit.

“But what about the Rp5 million?” she asks him. “Have some side-work you’re not telling me about?”

“Oh no,” replies the husband.

“Every time I get a dozen golf balls I sell them.”

 Cowok Bikin Pusing movie
According to the Indonesian filmmakers, “9 out of every 10 guys cheat”.

But they could be wrong of course - as the figure does look to be a bit on the low side!