Chantal Della Concetta: the HOT FHM pictures!

Just one Cornetto,
give it to me,
delicious ice-cream, of Italy,
vanilla and choco dream,
Give me a Cornetto,
from Wall's ice cream.

In the latest swashbuckling issue of FHM, we have been treated to a Feast – or should that be a Cornetto? – of a pictorial featuring former Metro TV babe Chantal Della Concetta as you have never seen her before!!!

And make no mistake: what a scoop this is!

No, not of ice cream but rather a devastating photoshoot that shatters Chantal’s good girl image and reveals her wild and wicked side for the very first time

 Chantal Della Concetta hot sexy tattoo FHMIf she would wear clothes like this while reading the news, ratings would soar.

 Chantal Della Concetta hot sexy tattoo FHMThe talents of buxom beauty Chantal Della Concetta extend to beyond reading the news. And holy crap – is that a tattoo on her arm?

For more pics you’ll just have to buy the latest (May 2011) edition of FHM. But be quick. Cos it’s selling out fast!

Bio: Chantal Della Concetta was born in Bandung on July 27, 1980. Her names come from three different countries: Chantal (which is French) means singing, Della (Latin) means good, and Concetta (Italian) means pure.