Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 Film Review

You can’t polish a turd, but you can recycle an old one.

And that’s what we have here with the second installment of Akibat Pergaulan Bebas (The Dangers of Casual Sex), a supposedly “educational film” that seeks to “warn” movie goers of the dangers of casual sex by, rather ironically, ramming it right down their throats for the good hour and a half that this sorry film lasts.

 Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 Film Review

Drawing from real events like the Peter Porn saga, the adult rated movie portrays the ups and downs (as well as the ins and outs) of the life of a spunkey young movie star called Denis, who, despite having a luscious girlfriend named Rasty, still manages to get his end away with the already married Tiara and the equally lush Dini.

But like the incarcerated Ariel, Denis is a budding DIY AV video maker and has kept a number of rather sordid videos on his notebook which – of course - he then goes on to lose.

They spread quicker than the clap in a shantytown brothel, and it ain’t long before the videos are the talk of the town.

From here on in, it only gets worse.

Enough to make anyone gag, really!

 Lia Aulia in Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2Leggy Lia warns of the dangers of casual sex

Starring (sic): Keith Foo, Leylarey Lesesne, Lia Aulia, Rocky Jeff, Amink, Tasya Djerly