Agni Pratistha Joins the Topless Hall of Fame thanks to ELLE!!!

Well, well, well. Would ya believe it?

Former Miss Indonesia, Agni Pratistha, has only gone and shocked so-called “polite society” by joining the growing ranks of homegrown celebrities in Indonesia’s very own Topless Hall of Fame!

Here she finds herself in the esteemed company of leggy model Davina Veronica Hariadi, Javanese wonderbabe Tiara Lestari and second-rate actress Andi Soraya – to name but a few!

Rather ironically it seems to me, Agni chose not to ease off the bra straps for one of the “Lad’s Rags” like FHM or Playboy but instead opted for the Indonesian version of the French style magazine ELLE as the publication to showcase her refined sensuality.

The French, as we all know, are a dapper hand at this sort of stuff and while they do sometimes get a little too offbeat for my tastes – that butter scene from Last Tango in Paris being a good example – it has to be said that they know how to take a very good sensual photograph or three.


 Agni Pratistha ELLE C'est une fille sympa, Agni

 Agni Pratistha ELLE The classic black socks shot - a technique used in photography to accentuate the contrast between what the model is and is not wearing. The ruffled white sheets allude to feisty goings on.

 Agni Pratistha ELLE No you’re not wearing X-ray specs – that’s a see-through jersey she’s wearing!