Agni Pratistha Joins the Topless Hall of Fame thanks to ELLE!!!

Well, well, well. Would ya believe it?

Former Miss Indonesia, Agni Pratistha, has only gone and shocked so-called “polite society” by joining the growing ranks of homegrown celebrities in Indonesia’s very own Topless Hall of Fame!

Here she finds herself in the esteemed company of leggy model Davina Veronica Hariadi, Javanese wonderbabe Tiara Lestari and second-rate actress Andi Soraya – to name but a few!

Rather ironically it seems to me, Agni chose not to ease off the bra straps for one of the “Lad’s Rags” like FHM or Playboy but instead opted for the Indonesian version of the French style magazine ELLE as the publication to showcase her refined sensuality.

The French, as we all know, are a dapper hand at this sort of stuff and while they do sometimes get a little too offbeat for my tastes – that butter scene from Last Tango in Paris being a good example – it has to be said that they know how to take a very good sensual photograph or three.


 Agni Pratistha ELLE C'est une fille sympa, Agni

 Agni Pratistha ELLE The classic black socks shot - a technique used in photography to accentuate the contrast between what the model is and is not wearing. The ruffled white sheets allude to feisty goings on.

 Agni Pratistha ELLE No you’re not wearing X-ray specs – that’s a see-through jersey she’s wearing!

X-THE LAST MOMENT (feat. Cinta Dewi)

Dave, a well known party animal, is in his favorite bar where he spots this gorgeous looking woman he has never seen before. Being the outgoing type, he walks up to her and asks her his name.

"Carmen," she replies.

“That's a lovely name," says Dave. “Did your mother choose it?”

"No, I chose it myself," she answers.

"Oh, that's interesting,” says Dave. “But why Carmen?"

"Because I like cars, and I like MEN," she says looking directly into Dave’s eyes. "And what is your name?"

"Mr Snortscrew…”

But while drugs are no laughing matter (expect for those on nitrous oxide, perhaps!), they do provide the makers of the upcoming anti-drugs film “X-THE LAST MOMENT” with the perfect pretext to hone their focus on the remarkably-talented Cinta Dewi, who, as a hopeless junkie, tragically abandons herself to a tormented life of drugs and casual sex.

So enjoy the film. And stay away from drugs okay?!!!

Cinta Dewi picture hot sexyEasily addicted to Cinta Dewi’s charms

 Cinta DewiLiving the “High” Life

Noura Dian Hartarony denies table-top dancing allegations!

Hell hath no fury like a woman accused of table-top dancing.

So take pity on Gerindra legislator Noura Dian Hartarony who now has steam coming out of ears after being accused by Kartika Djoemadi of getting drunk before climbing onto a table and showing off her dance moves:

Pada Kamis (6/5) lalu, Noura diberitakan mabuk di Cafe, Sudirman, Jakarta. Dalam kondisi mabuk itu, Noura dikatakan sempat naik ke atas meja dan menari-nari sambil membagikan kartu nama anggota DPR miliknya.

The accusations so outraged the attractive legislator that she reported the comments – which had been made on the social website Twitter – to the Indonesian police.

"Saya ada di restoran Black Cat untuk urusan bisnis," ujarnya. Bersama tiga temannya, Noura memenuhi undangan rekan bisnianya.”

Table dancing, or bartop dancing as it is often called, is typically an erotic dance performed at (or on) a patron's table, as opposed to on a stage. Compared to pole dancing it’s tame stuff and in Jakarta it can be enjoyed at the fabulous Red Square Bar at Plaza Senayan, which ironically enough, is only a stone’s throw away from the House of Representatives building!

 Noura Dian Hartarony
Way to go!

Chantal Della Concetta: the HOT FHM pictures!

Just one Cornetto,
give it to me,
delicious ice-cream, of Italy,
vanilla and choco dream,
Give me a Cornetto,
from Wall's ice cream.

In the latest swashbuckling issue of FHM, we have been treated to a Feast – or should that be a Cornetto? – of a pictorial featuring former Metro TV babe Chantal Della Concetta as you have never seen her before!!!

And make no mistake: what a scoop this is!

No, not of ice cream but rather a devastating photoshoot that shatters Chantal’s good girl image and reveals her wild and wicked side for the very first time

 Chantal Della Concetta hot sexy tattoo FHMIf she would wear clothes like this while reading the news, ratings would soar.

 Chantal Della Concetta hot sexy tattoo FHMThe talents of buxom beauty Chantal Della Concetta extend to beyond reading the news. And holy crap – is that a tattoo on her arm?

For more pics you’ll just have to buy the latest (May 2011) edition of FHM. But be quick. Cos it’s selling out fast!

Bio: Chantal Della Concetta was born in Bandung on July 27, 1980. Her names come from three different countries: Chantal (which is French) means singing, Della (Latin) means good, and Concetta (Italian) means pure.

Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 Film Review

You can’t polish a turd, but you can recycle an old one.

And that’s what we have here with the second installment of Akibat Pergaulan Bebas (The Dangers of Casual Sex), a supposedly “educational film” that seeks to “warn” movie goers of the dangers of casual sex by, rather ironically, ramming it right down their throats for the good hour and a half that this sorry film lasts.

 Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 Film Review

Drawing from real events like the Peter Porn saga, the adult rated movie portrays the ups and downs (as well as the ins and outs) of the life of a spunkey young movie star called Denis, who, despite having a luscious girlfriend named Rasty, still manages to get his end away with the already married Tiara and the equally lush Dini.

But like the incarcerated Ariel, Denis is a budding DIY AV video maker and has kept a number of rather sordid videos on his notebook which – of course - he then goes on to lose.

They spread quicker than the clap in a shantytown brothel, and it ain’t long before the videos are the talk of the town.

From here on in, it only gets worse.

Enough to make anyone gag, really!

 Lia Aulia in Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2Leggy Lia warns of the dangers of casual sex

Starring (sic): Keith Foo, Leylarey Lesesne, Lia Aulia, Rocky Jeff, Amink, Tasya Djerly

Cowok Bikin Pusing

A woman in Jakarta is cleaning her husband’s desk and in one of the drawers she finds 3 golf balls and a box with Rp5 million in it.

Curious, when her husband comes home later that evening, she asks him why he has hidden these things in the drawer of the desk.

After hesitating a short while, the husband then tells her that he is very sorry but each time he cheated on her over the last 10 years he put a golf ball in the drawer.

Although very upset at first, the wife comes to the realization that 3 times in 10 years actually ain’t too bad in a city with many temptations like Jakarta, and she cheers up a bit.

“But what about the Rp5 million?” she asks him. “Have some side-work you’re not telling me about?”

“Oh no,” replies the husband.

“Every time I get a dozen golf balls I sell them.”

 Cowok Bikin Pusing movie
According to the Indonesian filmmakers, “9 out of every 10 guys cheat”.

But they could be wrong of course - as the figure does look to be a bit on the low side!