Jennifer Kurniawan: WAG Indonesia Numero Uno

WAGs is an English acronym used to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile football players.

The term came into common usage during England’s farcical set-up in the 2006 FIFA World Cup when the inability of the England players to focus on the tournament was blamed on the outrageous exploits of the WAGS who went around in “barely there” clothing and who generally just made a terrible nuisance of themselves.

High profile WAGS of that year included Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as the "Queen of the Wags" or “the Original Wag"; Cheryl Cole, an ultra sexy pop singer; the rather more stolid Coleen Rooney, aka "the Chavette"; the ultra hot Abbey Clancy, who probably made England’s beanpole striker Peter Crouch think he was the luckiest man alive; and the then fiancĂ©e of Frank Lampard, former Spanish waitress Elen Rives, who surely gave fortuitous Frank “Grade A” service in every respect.

Here in Indonesia, the WAGs phenomenon is still at an early stage as footballers’ salaries have only recently started to take off and are still far behind the astronomical pay packets that the top footballers in Europe can expect to receive.

By far the most famous WAG is Indonesia is Jennifer Kurniawan, a smoking hot model of mixed Asian and European heritage, who is the “off the pitch” distraction for Irfan Bachdim, a recently naturalized Indonesian who has attracted a legion of gawking female fans won over by his youthful good looks.

Anyway, I don't have any pics of Irfan. But here's Jennifer :)

 Jennifer Kurniawan sexy pictureIrfan Bachdim has scored a winner

 Jennifer Kurniawan sexy pictureOff the field distractions for Irfan Bachdim

 Jennifer Kurniawan sexy pictureA lot better than the graffiti outside Stamford Bridge