Emma Kurnia

Like the first rays of sunshine that herald the dawn of a new day, Emma Kurnia has broken onto the Indonesian modeling scene in spectacular fashion after publishing a devastating portfolio of shots on her facebook page.

The glamour photos, which are varied in style and have been shot at a number of different locations, showcase the immense talents of this incredible young lady, who, as many have already predicted, is now taking the first tentative steps toward greatness.

Emma KurniaIf you can’t find a park bench anywhere will do

Emma KurniaNo wonder the dog has a smile on his face

Emma KurniaEmma has already reached the rank of sergeant despite cutbacks in the budget for military uniforms

Emma KurniaWe don’t care how this leopard got its spots

Emma KurniaOn all fours and ready to pounce: Emma is no pussy cat

Emma KurniaStreetwalking