Deriell Jacquelnie: never out of the picture

Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.
>William Blake

Deriell Jacqueline came to attention as the stunning eye candy in the Indonesian horror flick Tiren, a film so bad that one film critic, said, in all seriousness, that the only part of the film worth watching is when one of the characters “starts having an affair with a corpse”.

Necrophilia? Nice I don’t think.

 Deriell Jacqueline in Tiren
“What did I do to deserve this?” contemplates the sultry looking Deriell Jacqueline. You as the person watching this insufferable movie are probably thinking the same thing.

But away from the gore and bore of the Indonesian horror movie film set, Deriell Jacqueline has excelled under the bright photo studio spotlights as one of Indonesia’s most promising models.

A role which she has played to utter perfection.

 Deriell Jacqueline sexy picture

 Deriell Jacqueline sexy picture