13 Ways to Call Satan (feat. Debby Ayu)

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”> Oscar Wilde

The Devil was once God’s favorite angel but for some reason or another there was a falling out and he was ejected from Heaven. Spurned and dejected, the Devil was not happy. And as his emotional wounds festered, his anger grew and grew.

There was only one thing for it: Revenge! This two-horned pariah from hell was gonna get payback!

By going after the creation of his former Master.


Indonesians have a deep and endearing fascination with the otherworldly and the Devil is one of those characters who they love to hate. Bit like Martin Sheen really.

But whatever. He’s good film material. The Devil that is. And Martin Sheen.

Anyway, onto the film:

13 Ways to Call Satan (feat. Debby Ayu)

It’s a nice sunny day and the kids are in the bookshop where Fredi chances upon a religious-looking sort of book that piques his curiosity.

But rather than simply paying for the book, the kids decide to nick it. A bad move, unfortunately. Not because they get busted by store detectives – but because the book is cursed and they now have to summon the Devil in 13 different ways to get the damn curse lifted.

The Devil is, of course, fond of sexy and beautiful women and, as chance would have it, the film’s leading character is the devilishly seductive Debby Ayu.

Debby Ayu sexy picEnough to make anyone a heretic really.

Debby Ayu Sexy pic Could Debby Ayu make the devil out of you?

Starring (sic):
Debby Ayu
Five V
Ki Kusumo
Him Damsyik (what sort of a name is that, Him?!!!)