Sola Aoi to “reveal all” in Suster Keramas 2

Don’t mess with a winning formula. That’s what they say. So little surprise that our good friends at Maxima Production House have once again looked beyond the shores of this Great Nation for internationally recognized talent - this time contracting the services of yet another seasoned performer on the Japanese hard core circuit – the simply lavacious Sola Aoi.

Sola Aoi sweet and sexy pictureSweet looks betray her wild side

This Sola Aoi certainly has an impressive track record from what I can make out, shooting her first skin flick back in 2002 - the now classic “Happy Go Lucky! - for the highly respected Alice Japan studio.

From then on she never really looked back – except perhaps on certain uncomfortable occasions! – and churned out an admirable body of work (sorry!), including such classics as “Erotick Lady's Indecent Language Play”, “Sora is Your Do Exactly As Told Toy”, “Brand New Nurse Sora as a Pakopako Nurse”, “Repeated Death Grand Orrgasm”, and a whole bunch of other titles which I can’t really repeat here.

And the film Maxima have chosen for Sora? Well, it’s the sequel to Suster Keramas “Hair-Washing Nurse” – a tedious production that was only slightly more interesting than watching rice grow thanks in large part to the curvatous delights of a very fit and extremely buxom Rin Sakuragi (another Japanese A/V star).

Fans of Japanese A/V stars won’t have to wait too long to see lovely Sola on the large screen – the film’s slated for a release on 21 April 2011.

Even so, you may want to think twice before seeing the film; an S&M session at home might prove to be a considerably less painful experience and one of Sola’s back catalogue DVDs a much more rewarding one!

Sola Aoi sexy picShhhh! Don’t tell Mr. Tifatul I’m here okay?