The sexy secretary and Tia Agustin

A married man decides to work late so he can be with his sexy secretary. So he calls his wife to make up an excuse. “honey, I’ve got to work late.”

Tia Agustin

But he doesn’t work late, of course, and takes his secretary to a quiet little place where they have a great couple of hours.

But in the bathroom the married man notices in the mirror a huge love bite on his neck.

He panics, wondering what he is going to tell the wife.

Anyway, he goes home. And upon opening his front door, his dog came out to greet him. Aha, the man thinks, and he promptly falls down, pretending to fight off the affectionate animal.

Holding his neck with one hand, he cries, "Honey, look what this damn dog has done to my neck!"

"Hell, that's nothing" she answers, ripping open her blouse.

"Look what he did to my tits!"


And when Tia’s not in the office she looks good in denim shorts too:

sexy hot Tia Agustin pic

 sexy hot Tia Agustin pic