Malinda Dee siphons off Rp17 billion for “cosmetic surgery”!

Malinda Dee, a senior office worker at Citibank in Jakarta has been arrested by Indonesian police for siphoning off some Rp17 billion of customer funds!

And what did she use this huge sum for?

Well, there was the Hummer.

And a Mercedes.

And even a Ferrari (which the police are still looking for).

 Malinda Dee sexy pic
As well as a luxury apartment.

But a considerable amount of the money – judging by the picture below – went into her biggest investment of all:

Malinda Dee

Some very impressive cosmetic surgery!!!

Malinda Dee sexy pic
Wow! Just look at those...

... eye lashes!

*The top heavy Malinda has been in detention since Friday and is said to be cooperating with the authorities who are making extensive inquiries into exactly how she managed to embezzle the money.