Dedemit Gunung Kidul movie

 Dedemit Gunung Kidul movie
Note: any similarity between the movie poster and the one for Hollywood’s Drive Angry (shot in 3D) is purely coincidental. Naturally.

Rodney (45) is a businessman with two very attractive daughters, Vicky (26) and Jane (25).

But his business affairs are in poor shape and he owes a lot of money to mafia kingpin Mark (35).

So what does he do?

Well, exactly what any other self disrespecting businessman would do: he agrees to Mark’s request for his older daughter’s hand in marriage!

But prior to marriage Mark and Vicky head off to Gunung Kidul, presumably for a dirty good time, but things don’t go as expected and Vicky is found dead – supposedly a victim of the “mountain’s spirit”.

Vicky’s younger sister Jane is understandably devastated, but this doesn’t last long and she quickly agrees to step into her sister’s shoes and marry Mark herself!

Wacko stuff I’m sure you’ll agree, and it gets even more preposterous when Mark declines to partake of the bodily charms of the lovely Jane on his wedding night!

All in all, a bizarre script with more holes in it than a fisherman’s net down at Pelabuhan Ratu.

And we’re supposed to be happy that Hollywood films will no longer be screened!


Starring (sic):

Uli Auliani
Tasa Rudman
Afdhal Yusman
Ammy Tawaqal