Angel Locsin may shoot film in Indonesia!

Indonesia’s love affair with nubile foreign actresses goes on!

But this time the search takes us not to Japan – where Indonesian filmmakers have previously hired the talents of busty Japanese A/V stars like Miyabi and Sora Aoi – but the short distance across the seas to the laid back Philippines.

The object of desire is Angel Locsin, a divine creature of such heavenly beauty that even the most embittered religious nutcase should not oppose her visit here:

The report added that the movie will be shot entirely in Jakarta, and that her lines will require her to speak in English, Filipino, as well as Bahasa Jakarta. A dialogue coach is said to have been promised to guide the actress.

Angel has already read the gist of the story and has requested for a script, said the same report. Although it is yet to be announced if the actress has accepted the offer, Angel seems keen on doing the movie, which should begin shooting in July.

 Angel Locsin sexy pic FHMAnd you thought angels have big wings! They don't - they have long legs.

 Angel Locsin sexy pic FHM
Angel Locsin is unquestionably divine.