Cewek Saweran movie

A man goes for an audition at a local club. "You'd better not be a hypnotist, they're not welcome here."

"Well I'm not a hypnotist, I'm a singer. But, anyway, what's wrong with a hypnotist?"

"Well we had one a couple days ago with 10 people on stage in a trance when he tripped over the microphone wire and shouted 'Shit'.

….we've been clearing up ever since."


But how to hypnotise someone? Well, there are a number of different ways.

The traditional way, of course, is to swing a pocket watch like a pendulum, but here in Java, the Sundanese way to bring someone into a state of trance is by showing them a barely-dressed sexy young woman:

 Cewek Saweran

And if the woman is performing on stage – perhaps singing an upbeat dangdut ditty – then the hypnotized males will only be too happy to reel off bank note after bank note from their wallets, giving them to the singer (Ayu in this case), until their wallets are well and truly empty.

This is saweran, a ritual often seen in Sundanese weddings when the virtues of sharing are lauded by the ceremony’s leader before money and candies are chucked into the audience for an almighty free for all.

Who ever said that weddings were dull?

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