Arwah Kuntilanak Duyung Movie feat. Dewi Perssik

Linda and Ardo meet on a sandy Java beach.

But one thing leads to another and it’s not long before the two lovebirds are “wiling away the hours” in the little beachside shack that Ardo has banged together especially for their trysts.

Meanwhile, the local ojek rider, Sule, has been up to no good and does the unthinkable by chucking his wife’s bloody placenta into the Java Sea!!!

Horror of all horrors!!!

But this outrageous act of thoughtless vandalism does not go down too well with a local Indonesian mermaid who almost immediately bursts out of the sea in complete indignation.

From here on in it gets progressively worse - although it must be said that the multitalented Dewi Perssik plays the sea nymph role to utter perfection– almost as if the part had been specially written for her.

And you know what? Perhaps it had!

Dewi Perssik is hot property either in the water or on land!

Regent urges Jade and Nyomi Marcela to come home to Tegal!!!

OMG!! This is hilarious.

The Regent of Tegal, Ikmal Jaya, has invited two of the town’s most famous daughters to come back from America to their Central Java hometown, which is not known for much expect its simple eateries called warteg (Warung Tegal).

"Jade and Nyomi Marcela, please come home to Tegal. I'm waiting for you. I'll help you find a job here if you are willing to leave America," urged the regent.

But isn’t this just a little bit too late?

Because both Jade and Nyomi Marcela have been making AV films in the US for many years now - notching up well over 230 fiery encounters.

The sisters are particularly revered for their candid antics in such AV classics as Fresh Hot Bab*s # 17 and the eye-opening Di*ty Little S*x Br*ts # 04 in which the irrepressible Jade Marcela takes on David Hardman and Pat Myne at the same time!

And more to the point – what exactly does the Tegal Regent expect the Marcella sisters to do in a place like Tegal?

Work as waitresses in a warteg? Or perhaps make a film in one?

“Served up on a hot plate in Tegal # 3”.

Yeah that could well be worth watching ….


What would she do in Tegal?!!!

Poconggg Juga Pocong movie (feat. Saphira Indah)

OMG! Please save us! Yet another film about bloody pocongs!!!!

And there you have it - a creature walking around with what looks like an oversized dim sum on his shoulders!

But this is no ordinary pocong, you’ll understand, but a poconggg – a sort of pocong without the balls, unable or unwilling to scare humans and, worst of all, scared of other supernatural creatures like ghosts.

But luckily for poconggg, his path crosses that of Kunti (!!!), a sensual female vampire – or better known as kuntilanak – a type of creature which lures its human victims into its snare by moaning salaciously before murdering them without mercy.

So, will the poconggg get to have his way with the lovely Kunti? Or will she spurn his advances?

Well you’ll just have to watch the film to find out!

Saphira Indah is the lovely Kunti in this comedy cum horror flick.

Shah Raline in a love triangle?

Well, would you believe it?

More mayhem in Twitterland!

This time a rather nasty spat between lovebirds Edrian Aji Prihartanto (Anji) and Wina Natalia!

Through the social media tool Twitter, which has become very popular in Indonesia, Wina let loose in spectacular fashion, blaming Indonesian wunderbabe Raline Shah of getting a piece of her man! (albeit denying it later!)

But Wina didn’t stop there and, according to reports, she even accused Anji of doing the unthinkable - impregnating the gorgeous Raline!

Anji, for his part, was - like all bad men - unrepentant and brushed aside the accusations as if he had simply been accused of taking the last chocolate bar from the fridge.

Nonetheless, any transgressions on Anji’s part would be understandable. They really would…

Raline Shah has legs and she knows how to use them it seems.

Sophia Latjuba’s affair stuns Villareal

In a series of remarkably candid tweets over the social media service Twitter, a devastated Michael Villarreal has described how his beautiful Indonesian wife Sophia Latjuba has done the dirty on him and fallen in love with somebody else.

Michael doesn’t mention who the lucky man is, but speculation abounds that he lives in Indonesia since the lovely Sophia arrived in Indonesia a few weeks ago to start shooting a new film.

So their marriage looks set to end in the same way that it begun.

In some controversy.

All appeared well enough when the two lovebirds got engaged back in 2004, but the media soon got whiff of a juicy scandal that created a public uproar.

Michael was already married!

And his wife at the time (Louisa Ibbotson) was pregnant!

Eventually, though, Michael managed to get divorced and married Sophia just four days later on 30 April 2005 in Jakarta’s Anglican All Saints Church.

But like so many celebrity marriages, there was sadly not to be a happy ending. So they must both move on…

Sophia Latjuba has found a new love

Ayu Ting Ting: Alamat Palsu

Everyone has heard stories of realizing the “American dream” - making it big through hard work and achieving success, fame and wealth.

But things are no longer what they once were and America’s dominant position in the global economy is steadily declining as Asian countries - especially China, India and those in SE Asia – ascend with ambitious intent.

These are the shifting sands of economic progress; the only certainty being uncertainty itself.

For Ayu Ting Ting, she must still be pinching herself to see if it’s real. Or just a dream. An Indonesian Dream.

Hailing from the suburban wastelands of Depok, this teenage dangdut prodigy was only recently on the demeaning dangdut “sawer” circuit.

In these dangdut shows, members of the audience - usually men (and often lecherous men with frisky hands) - pay money to dance with the singer on stage.

And Ayu’s fee at that time? Only a very modest Rp250,000 per show.

But from out of nowhere she was given a song to sing, a very catchy song called Alamat Palsu (“Fake Address”).

It went viral, Ayu’s popularity soared, and she is now pulling in around Rp 30 million for performing six songs.

That’s what you call a dream.

The Indonesian Dream, baby!

New chick on the block: Ayu Ting Ting

Cat fight with Dewi Perssik brings Julia Perez to tears

A tearful Julia Perez has been given a prison sentence of three months for being found guilty of bashing fellow dangdut singer Dewi Perssik.

Luckily for her, she won't actually have to go to prison. The sentence is probationary and as long as she stays out of trouble she should remain a "free" (?) woman.

The verdict was lighter than the prosecutors' demand of six months.

Although the presiding judge for the case said there were a number of alleviating factors that reduced Julia’s sentence, being Indonesia’s number one sexbomb was apparently not one of them.

The rivalry between the two sex symbols intensified in November last year during the filming of “Arwah Goyang Karawang” (“The Dancing Ghost of Karawang”), a typical Indonesian horror cum skin-flick combo, in which they both starred.

The scenes of wild fighting between the two girls, in which they were pulling each other’s hair out and slapping and scratching each other like wild kittens, actually proved to be good promotion for the film and many thought it must have been a publicity stunt put on by the filmmakers.

But apparently not.

Julia Perez, Jupe

If Jupe can stay out of trouble she will remain a free woman

Andhien Carmella wants it so bad

Since making her breakthrough into the Indonesian movie world with her debut performance in “Rumah Hantu Pondok Indah”, Andhien Carmella has found work hard to come by.

But while others might be deterred, not Andhien.

"There’s no way I'm gonna take this lying down", she cries!

Although funnily enough, that’s exactly what she plans to do to get her stalled movie career back on track.

“I feel unlucky as I’ve never done a bedroom scene. Up to now, I’ve never even had a kissing scene – even though I want it real bad. Hopefully, I will receive an offer soon,” the star of Rumah Hantu Pondok Indah lamented.
Source: Rakyat Merdeka

To familiarize herself with the subject material, Andhien has even admitted to watching some of the more “saucier” DVDs you can find up – or should that be “down”? - in Chinatown.

Yep, it’s an ambitious and daring undertaking alright.

With no guarantees that a full frontal strategy of this nature will work in a conventional (non-A/V) movie.

But who knows.

She just might be able to pull it off! Hahaha!!!

Pocong Minta Kawin feat. Julia Perez

A pocong is an Indonesian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their suit. It looks like this:

Pocong, spotted in Kota, Jakarta

The pocong suit (kain kafan) is used by Muslims to cover the body of the dead person.

They cover the dead body with white fabric and tie the clothing over the head, under the feet, and on the neck.

According to the native beliefs, the soul of a dead person will stay on the earth for 40 days after the death.

If, however, the ties aren't released after 40 days, the body is said to jump out from the grave to warn people that the soul need the bonds to be released. Once this is done, the soul will leave the earth and never show up anymore.

But in Pocong Minta Kawin, a new film set to be released on 13 October 2011, we have an although different proposition.

Set in one of Jakarta’s “projects” (rusun), Ningsih (Chika Waode) is set to marry the man of her dreams even though the two of them have never actually met (they “found” each other through an introduction on Facebook).

But there is good reason for Ningsih’s apparent extreme shyness, however.
And that’s because she is as ugly as a hag.

But secrets like this are hard to keep and, luckily for Ningsih’s prospective husband at least, he learns he’s been tricked just in time to cancel the wedding.
This leaves poor old Ningsih devastated and she decides to jump to her death from her apartment.

Soon after, four young students move into Ningsih’s former apartment and it isn’t long before Ningsih - who has since been transformed into a pocong – starts to give them a hard time.

But like any good Indonesian horror film there is always room for a pretty girl.
In this particular film, Julia Perez.

A much better looker than any ugly pocong!

 Julia perez in Pocong Minta Kawin

Maeeva Amin in “Wild Women” movie

Without the seasons of the year it can be difficult to track the passage of time in Indonesia.

Unlike in temperate climes there are no falling leaves to let you know it’s autumn. And no flower blooms to mark spring.

Yes, we do have Ramadan. But it is not fixed and moves forward by 2 weeks every year.

But perhaps one season is always in vogue in Indonesia.

The silly season. The time after the fasting month – lasting for 50 weeks until the next Ramadan begins – when the most frivolous and incredulous of news stories compete for the attention of the masses.

And like the media world, the silly season also affects the movie business.

It’s like a game.

Now that’s a silly title for a movie. Trump that!

And so we have, just a month after Ramadan, Perempuan Perempuan Liar (Wild Women), a real hodgepodge of a movie which focuses not on the lives of some tribal women living it up in the Kalimantan jungle – as you might have first imagined – but rather on the affairs of Mey and Cindy, a couple of spoilt “conglomerate” kids who live to party, shop, and are crazy about money (naturally).

Like the best Indonesian films, “Wild Women” features “foreign talent”, although what we get here is not just some Japanese nymphomaniac, but instead a far more refined and exquisite creature - the lovely Maeeva Amin.

Maeeva, who hails from just across the Malay Straits, is a delightful blend of French and Malay stock, and got her breakthrough into Indonesia films after her not inconsiderable charms caught the eye of someone from Soraya Intercine Films whilst she was at a friend’s wedding in Jakarta.

But life hasn’t always been a bed of roses for Maeeva, and aged 15, as an anorexic weighing only 30kg, the doctors gave her only four months to live.

Yet after long sessions with her shrink, she managed to pull through and she slowly put on the pounds to flesh out her emaciated body.

The results speak for themselves, and if you look closely at the picture below you can see that this leggy wonder babe even managed to get a tattoo done:

Can you see her tattoo? And wow, isn’t her right knee bruised a bit? Looks like a carpet burn to me…

Perepuan Perempuan Liar stars (sic) Tora Sudiro, Dallas Pratama, Maeeva Amin, Rina Diana and Gary Iskak

Risa Suseanty: Indonesia’s Queen of Downhill

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like!
~ Freddie Mercury

With four SEA Games “Down Hill” Titles to her name, Risa Suseanty is indisputably the hottest thing on two wheels in Indonesia at the moment.

And this year she’ll be looking to add a fifth title to her collection. Certainly this is not beyond her immense talent in light of her recent good form, and we here at Simply Indonesia, are confident the 31-year old head turner will deliver the goods again.

Risa sports the latest cycling fashions

Risa, who hails from Bandung in West Java, is always careful to take precautions when going into unfamiliar territory, and she says she prefers a good, hard ride to simply coasting downhill.

But dangers lurk at every corner. So getting back on top again is of the utmost importance in the case of accidentally falling off.

The worst thing about riding is being with someone who is having trouble keeping up, she says.

In that case you either have to slow down, explains Risa, or go off alone (although it's not usually as much fun).

Taking it easy after a long ride

Avvy Olivia – Indonesia’s most beautiful polwan (police woman)?

It’s just another day in the office for Brigadir Avvy Olivia – Indonesia’s most famous traffic policewoman (polwan).

Avvy Olivia

But while many of her colleagues will be out on the mean streets of Jakarta booking recalcitrant motorists, lovely Avvy is more likely to be in the make-up room getting ready to do another televised traffic report for Metro TV, the country’s leading television station for news.

Dressed in a perfectly-fitting and well-pressed police uniform, Avvy gives her traffic report in the fluent and confident style of an experienced television presenter.

But arresting criminals and captivating the attention of a delirious television audience aren’t the only things she does well - Avvy is also a wife and proud mother.

And damn good with the handcuffs…

Mela Barbie Anjani: Indonesia’s YouTube sensation

Touted as the next dangdut diva, Mela Barbie Anjani (20) is creating a huge wave in hyperspace thanks to her outlandish stage performances that are so hot they make Dewi Persik look like a nun.

Her most popular video – which was uploaded three years ago – is called Dangdut Mencari Mangsa and has already racked up an astonishing 2,363,390 views on YouTube!

Lovely Mela became a sensation when she participated in an event to mark Loper's Day at Pantai Karnaval Ancol, Jakarta on 30 July, 2008.

The then vice-president Jusuf Kalla (JK) was in the audience and Mela Anjani was on her best behaviour.

But JK left the show early, and that gave Mela the green light to whip off her long black and white dress (much to the delight of her many vocal fans!) and leave her wearing just a pair of super tight hot pants and a sexy black blouse!

Mela Anjani also has 1532 friends on Facebook - but we expect that to increase in the months to come.

What a performer and what a prospect. Mela Anjani can only be destined for greatness!

Wiwid Gunawan in Mudik Lebaran

Wiwid Gunawan gives another quite simply scintillating performance in Mudik Lebaran, a Multivision Plus production scheduled for release on 8 September 2011.

In this movie, which bizarrely comes to the big screen a week or so after Lebaran, Wiwid plays the role of an unhappy village lass called Wulan who finds herself in a totally “unsatisfying” contractual marriage to an older guy living in the Big Durian.

But things soon change when Gunadi appears on the scene, and Wulan’s previously repressed femininity melts away as the young beauty engages in a host of flirtatious and sexy antics in a bid to get noticed.

That’s something the viewing public will certainly appreciate. Especially since the sin-free days of Ramadan are now but a passing and fading memory…

Contract marriage: who wouldn’t want to partake of the services of a very fit and charming Wiwid Gunawan?

All eyes are on Putri Anggraini

Tune in to TRANS7 at 11.30pm on a Wednesday evening and you will be treated to "Mata Lelaki" (Through Men’s Eyes), a popular lifestyle program that does a great job of revealing the sordid underbelly of the nation’s capital city, Jakarta.

The research is undertaken “in the field” so to speak, but in places in the concrete jungle rather than the real one, yet still with a focus on what could aptly be termed “wildlife” and, in particular, “birds” (although not the feathered variety you’ll be pleased to know!)

But we don’t really learn anything that we don’t already know –

- and that is that boys will be boys wherever they are!

 Putri Anggraini What a lovely bike! Yeah right…

A taste of Vindy Lee

What have Vindaloo and Vindy Lee got in common?
They are both damn hot and spicy! Hahaha!

But in many respects they are quite different.

Because whilst it’s damn hard to track down the famous Indian dish in Jakarta, the sexy celebrity chef can - in contrast - be easily found on Indonesian television, conjuring up some succulent dishes in the Trans TV show “Dapur Cantik” (Beautiful Kitchen).

Vindy Lee’s raw talent was originally spotted by a photographer at the Plaza Indonesia Mall in Jakarta after Vindy had returned from the States where she had worked in the f&b industry upon graduating from the University of Southern California.

Finger-licking good Vindy accepted the offer and created a great stir with her devastating photo shoot for the first issue of the Male Emporium Asia Magazine.

From here, she never looked back and went on to do some great stuff for a number of international magazines, including that old favorite of every lad everywhere, the inimitable FHM.

Vindy in her sensational FHM shoot

Comparisons are inevitably made with Indonesia’s other sexy chef, the foxy Farah Quinn, although Vindy confesses that she is as much home in the bedroom as she is in the kitchen.

Her favorite dishes?

Well, she is said to be a bit partial to carrot cake and banana fritters.

Breakfast in bed you might call it...

Out of the frying pan and into the water for our Vindy!!!

Follow her on Twitter or “read” her website.

Vicky Shu puts a foot in it

Vicky Shu (24) has got both feet firmly on the ground and is taking great strides to repackage herself after coming close – but not close enough – to what would have been a sensational victory in the 2007 Miss Indonesia beauty pageant.

It may have taken four years, but she has finally managed to kick start her flagging fortunes by releasing her debut album “Drink Me”.

“Drink Me”. I’m sure there are many that want to do that, Vicky.

Her music is throwaway pop, as disposable as a Fiesta condom (but far less memorable), and as original as a blockbuster DVD sold in Kota.

The first song on the album, for example, is “Mari Bercinta 2” (“Let’s Make Love 2”), a reference to the song “Mari Bercinta” (“Let’s Make Love”) by Aura Kasih, a phenomenally curvaceous starlet who also hails from the Sumatran province of Lampung.

So they BOTH want to make love? And at the same time? But not to each other one would assume (although that’s an interesting thought ain’t it?!!)

Nope. Not a great start to Vicky Shu’s singing career.

But as the legendary British singer Yazz sang back in 1988 -

The only way is up!

Vicky Shu wants to make love. Any takers?

Misa Campo in Pacar Hantu Perawan

Text copyright

(The road to) hell is paved with good intentions.
~Samuel Johnson

Yes, it may have started with the cute and adorable Japanese A/V starlets (Miyabi, Sola Aoi etc).

But it ain’t gonna end there.

Because there will always be the need to chart unchartered waters – to push back the boundaries if you like – and to try something NEW. Just like getting the veteran US pawn star Vicky Vette onboard – an impossibly buxom American legend who, at age 46, is sure to titillate Indonesian audiences with her hammy acting and barely-there clothing.

But this is where Pacar Hantu Perawan (*) excels – it goes the further mile by employing not just one but TWO foreign talents to forge a remarkably unique threesum with Indonesia’s very own Dewi Persik, a proud and defiant born again virgin (see previous post).

So who is the other foreign talent in this movie? Well, none other than the simply stunning Misa Campo!

Make no doubt about it, this Misa Campo is class. Sheer class.

So who exactly is she?

Well, not a pawn star like Vicky, but one of the hottest models either side of the equator.

Born in Montreal Canada in 1987, her sensual dark looks are thanks to her Filipino father (her mother is Dutch).

But the bright lights and sandy beaches of California proved irresistible, and she later moved there to work as a bartender at first and then as a model.

She made her name doing Hot Import Night car shows, and it wasn’t long before magazines like Maxim, AskMen, DragSport were knocking on her door.

She stands only 5 feet 6 inches and weighs a mere 115 pounds. But with a 34C-24-34 figure she has the curves of a hilly Alpine road, in addition to long brown hair and even longer legs!

There’s nothing camp about Misa Campo

* Pacar Hantu Perawan will be released on 7 July 2011, providing some relief to Indonesians who will miss out on the final Harry Potter extravaganza due to a film importers’ dispute over tax payments.

Text copyright

Dewi Persik becomes a born again virgin!!!!

Things really have taken a surreal and bizarre twist with Indonesian sex symbol Dewi Persik claiming she is now a born again virgin after undergoing the necessary surgical procedure in Egypt.

According to Dewi, the desire to become a born again virgin is related to her new film, Pacar Hantu Perawan, but more cynical observers will regard her claims to virginity as a mere publicity stunt, especially since she sought advice on the procedure from her American co-star in the film – the outrageously buxom Pawn Star Vicky Vette.

 Vicky Vette Vicky Vette, virgin not by a long shot!

But regardless of whether Depe really has become a born again virgin or not, someone should warn her that virginity is a lot like one of those gas filled balloons you see being sold on the streets of Jakarta.

One prick and its gone! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Pacar Hantu Perawan movie How many virgins can YOU count?

Astrid Ellena is Miss Indonesia 2011!

East Java hottie Astrid Ellena (20) has been crowned as Miss Indonesia 2011 and will represent Indonesia in the 2011 Miss World pageant to be held in London (in a bikini or not, we’ll just have to wait and see).

Astrid Ellena But the Universitas Pelita Harapan student is still a bit green - when asked by the judges what a woman's most important role in life was she replied:

“A woman must prioritize integrity and self respect. Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing because the next generation is born from her womb.”

Ain’t she ever heard of test tube babies?!!!

 test tube babies

Pelet Kuntilanak (feat. Debby Ayu)

Black magic operates most effectively in preconscious, marginal areas. Casual curses are the most effective.”
>William S. Burroughs

So it’s finally out. Pelet Pelet Kuntilanak. The new Indonesian horror flick featuring the simply delectable Debby Ayu - a creature of such sublime charm that her onscreen antics are sure to make more than just your hairs stand on end!

 Pelet Kuntilanak

In the film Debby plays a young lass named Pamela who decides to resort to pelet, a type of Javanese black magic which is used to make a woman irresistible to men.

But to attain these powers of seduction, Debby must make a pact with Setan.

So she agrees, and gets to have her devilish way with the guys that she wants – mostly university students at her campus.

But like all good things in life there is a price to be paid.

Because not long after Debby has had her way with a guy, he dies a sadistic and gruesome death.

Oh well. Let’s just hope it was worth it!

 Pelet Kuntilanak (feat. Debby Ayu) Debby Ayu, a real charmer

Pelet Kuntilanak stars (sic): Debby Ayu, Cinta Dewi, Angie Yulia, Billy Davidson, Billy As, Yudha Putra

Agni Pratistha Joins the Topless Hall of Fame thanks to ELLE!!!

Well, well, well. Would ya believe it?

Former Miss Indonesia, Agni Pratistha, has only gone and shocked so-called “polite society” by joining the growing ranks of homegrown celebrities in Indonesia’s very own Topless Hall of Fame!

Here she finds herself in the esteemed company of leggy model Davina Veronica Hariadi, Javanese wonderbabe Tiara Lestari and second-rate actress Andi Soraya – to name but a few!

Rather ironically it seems to me, Agni chose not to ease off the bra straps for one of the “Lad’s Rags” like FHM or Playboy but instead opted for the Indonesian version of the French style magazine ELLE as the publication to showcase her refined sensuality.

The French, as we all know, are a dapper hand at this sort of stuff and while they do sometimes get a little too offbeat for my tastes – that butter scene from Last Tango in Paris being a good example – it has to be said that they know how to take a very good sensual photograph or three.


 Agni Pratistha ELLE C'est une fille sympa, Agni

 Agni Pratistha ELLE The classic black socks shot - a technique used in photography to accentuate the contrast between what the model is and is not wearing. The ruffled white sheets allude to feisty goings on.

 Agni Pratistha ELLE No you’re not wearing X-ray specs – that’s a see-through jersey she’s wearing!

X-THE LAST MOMENT (feat. Cinta Dewi)

Dave, a well known party animal, is in his favorite bar where he spots this gorgeous looking woman he has never seen before. Being the outgoing type, he walks up to her and asks her his name.

"Carmen," she replies.

“That's a lovely name," says Dave. “Did your mother choose it?”

"No, I chose it myself," she answers.

"Oh, that's interesting,” says Dave. “But why Carmen?"

"Because I like cars, and I like MEN," she says looking directly into Dave’s eyes. "And what is your name?"

"Mr Snortscrew…”

But while drugs are no laughing matter (expect for those on nitrous oxide, perhaps!), they do provide the makers of the upcoming anti-drugs film “X-THE LAST MOMENT” with the perfect pretext to hone their focus on the remarkably-talented Cinta Dewi, who, as a hopeless junkie, tragically abandons herself to a tormented life of drugs and casual sex.

So enjoy the film. And stay away from drugs okay?!!!

Cinta Dewi picture hot sexyEasily addicted to Cinta Dewi’s charms

 Cinta DewiLiving the “High” Life

Noura Dian Hartarony denies table-top dancing allegations!

Hell hath no fury like a woman accused of table-top dancing.

So take pity on Gerindra legislator Noura Dian Hartarony who now has steam coming out of ears after being accused by Kartika Djoemadi of getting drunk before climbing onto a table and showing off her dance moves:

Pada Kamis (6/5) lalu, Noura diberitakan mabuk di Cafe, Sudirman, Jakarta. Dalam kondisi mabuk itu, Noura dikatakan sempat naik ke atas meja dan menari-nari sambil membagikan kartu nama anggota DPR miliknya.

The accusations so outraged the attractive legislator that she reported the comments – which had been made on the social website Twitter – to the Indonesian police.

"Saya ada di restoran Black Cat untuk urusan bisnis," ujarnya. Bersama tiga temannya, Noura memenuhi undangan rekan bisnianya.”

Table dancing, or bartop dancing as it is often called, is typically an erotic dance performed at (or on) a patron's table, as opposed to on a stage. Compared to pole dancing it’s tame stuff and in Jakarta it can be enjoyed at the fabulous Red Square Bar at Plaza Senayan, which ironically enough, is only a stone’s throw away from the House of Representatives building!

 Noura Dian Hartarony
Way to go!

Chantal Della Concetta: the HOT FHM pictures!

Just one Cornetto,
give it to me,
delicious ice-cream, of Italy,
vanilla and choco dream,
Give me a Cornetto,
from Wall's ice cream.

In the latest swashbuckling issue of FHM, we have been treated to a Feast – or should that be a Cornetto? – of a pictorial featuring former Metro TV babe Chantal Della Concetta as you have never seen her before!!!

And make no mistake: what a scoop this is!

No, not of ice cream but rather a devastating photoshoot that shatters Chantal’s good girl image and reveals her wild and wicked side for the very first time

 Chantal Della Concetta hot sexy tattoo FHMIf she would wear clothes like this while reading the news, ratings would soar.

 Chantal Della Concetta hot sexy tattoo FHMThe talents of buxom beauty Chantal Della Concetta extend to beyond reading the news. And holy crap – is that a tattoo on her arm?

For more pics you’ll just have to buy the latest (May 2011) edition of FHM. But be quick. Cos it’s selling out fast!

Bio: Chantal Della Concetta was born in Bandung on July 27, 1980. Her names come from three different countries: Chantal (which is French) means singing, Della (Latin) means good, and Concetta (Italian) means pure.

Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 Film Review

You can’t polish a turd, but you can recycle an old one.

And that’s what we have here with the second installment of Akibat Pergaulan Bebas (The Dangers of Casual Sex), a supposedly “educational film” that seeks to “warn” movie goers of the dangers of casual sex by, rather ironically, ramming it right down their throats for the good hour and a half that this sorry film lasts.

 Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 Film Review

Drawing from real events like the Peter Porn saga, the adult rated movie portrays the ups and downs (as well as the ins and outs) of the life of a spunkey young movie star called Denis, who, despite having a luscious girlfriend named Rasty, still manages to get his end away with the already married Tiara and the equally lush Dini.

But like the incarcerated Ariel, Denis is a budding DIY AV video maker and has kept a number of rather sordid videos on his notebook which – of course - he then goes on to lose.

They spread quicker than the clap in a shantytown brothel, and it ain’t long before the videos are the talk of the town.

From here on in, it only gets worse.

Enough to make anyone gag, really!

 Lia Aulia in Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2Leggy Lia warns of the dangers of casual sex

Starring (sic): Keith Foo, Leylarey Lesesne, Lia Aulia, Rocky Jeff, Amink, Tasya Djerly

Cowok Bikin Pusing

A woman in Jakarta is cleaning her husband’s desk and in one of the drawers she finds 3 golf balls and a box with Rp5 million in it.

Curious, when her husband comes home later that evening, she asks him why he has hidden these things in the drawer of the desk.

After hesitating a short while, the husband then tells her that he is very sorry but each time he cheated on her over the last 10 years he put a golf ball in the drawer.

Although very upset at first, the wife comes to the realization that 3 times in 10 years actually ain’t too bad in a city with many temptations like Jakarta, and she cheers up a bit.

“But what about the Rp5 million?” she asks him. “Have some side-work you’re not telling me about?”

“Oh no,” replies the husband.

“Every time I get a dozen golf balls I sell them.”

 Cowok Bikin Pusing movie
According to the Indonesian filmmakers, “9 out of every 10 guys cheat”.

But they could be wrong of course - as the figure does look to be a bit on the low side!

Indah Dewi Pertiwi Hipnotis

Last night was mental, totally mental.

I was at this hypnotist’s show and the guy asked 7 women to come on the stage with him.

So they were all up there when the hypnotist accidentally drops the mic on his foot and cries out " Fcuk Me!!!"

What happened next will live with me forever!!

Indah Dewi Pertiwi is, of course, a lot more careful when it comes to hypnotizing people.

Indah Dewi Pertiwi hot picture Hipnotis

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes…

Could Indah Dewi Pertiwi put you under the spell?

Well, watch the video to find out!

Emma Kurnia

Like the first rays of sunshine that herald the dawn of a new day, Emma Kurnia has broken onto the Indonesian modeling scene in spectacular fashion after publishing a devastating portfolio of shots on her facebook page.

The glamour photos, which are varied in style and have been shot at a number of different locations, showcase the immense talents of this incredible young lady, who, as many have already predicted, is now taking the first tentative steps toward greatness.

Emma KurniaIf you can’t find a park bench anywhere will do

Emma KurniaNo wonder the dog has a smile on his face

Emma KurniaEmma has already reached the rank of sergeant despite cutbacks in the budget for military uniforms

Emma KurniaWe don’t care how this leopard got its spots

Emma KurniaOn all fours and ready to pounce: Emma is no pussy cat

Emma KurniaStreetwalking