Stupid bloody names and London Virginia

Hi! My last name is Ritz. We’re gonna have a baby this fall and looking at possible names. My husband and I really like the name “London” but every time I make a name poll, everyone scoffs at the combination because they say it sounds like a hotel. Would this be something you really think she would be teased about in life, and would it be so bad? - Mrs. Ritz

Be thankful for the surname Ritz! It’s short and easy to spell and pronounce. It has positive associations. Families with names like Crumpacker, Slutz and Pincock envy you. BUT…

… the one thing you can't go putting on the Ritz is a place name! That hotel is sacrosanct and their afternoon tea is legendary! Call your kid “London Ritz” and they’ll grow up being either hated or envied – and probably both! So forget London and go with either Linden or Logan instead!!!

Equally preposterous is the new Indonesian film London Virginia:

London Virginia film

With the huge phallic like Monas in the film, you can't go wrong I suppose.

London Virginia is now playing and stars (sic) Cheverely Amalia, Gading Marten, Sabrina Athika, Abdurahman Arif, Barry Prima, and Pierre Gruno.